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The Best Travel Deals

By Brian Krassenstein
Published: Sunday, June 14, 2009 | 8:55 PM

The global recession, and economic chaos around the world has presented us with many opportunities, especially if you are looking to do some international traveling. Even though the Dollar is not very strong right now, there are many countries, who’s currencies have fallen much more, or the economic conditions that are present, have made traveling to them much cheaper than one would expect. Below are three areas of the world that will surely surprise you in terms of value you get as a tourist.

South Africa: Usually a South African vacation can be quite expensive. Because of the financial distress of many in the tourist business in South Africa, it has become quite cheap. For instance you can get a personal driver, as well as lodging for a safari for only about $149 per night per person. You can also get a 3 course dinner at a very nice restaurant in Cape Town for under $40 per person.

Iceland: We’ve all heard about the financial turmoil the island nation of Iceland has been facing. Because of the turmoil, the Iceland currency, the Krona has taken a major hit. For Americans everything is 50% off from a year ago. This means that a normal $500 a night hotel will only be $250.00 now. Don’t be fooled by the word “ice” in the country’s name. Winters in Iceland are about the same as those in the Northeast US.

Great Britain: We all know the Euro has staged somewhat of a comeback recently, so travel to most of Europe isn’t as cheap as we’d like. Having said this, Great Britain still uses the Pound. The Pound has fallen quite a bit lately, meaning that prices for most goods and services in Great Britain are at a 27% discount vs. the dollar from a year ago. Golf, beer, and anything else you want to do in Great Britain will be cheaper then you likely thought.

With a little bit of planning and keeping an eye the exchange rates, you and your family can have an exciting and resonably priced vacation.