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Coming Home to King George

Boutique hotel in Union Square offers cozy-sized European sophistication

Published: Tuesday, May 23, 2017 | 3:49 PM

One of the things we love about San Francisco is that, though we travel there often, we see and discover new things every time we go. At just over 46 square miles, the city-county is overflowing with views, experiences and adventures. From the spectacular homes and hotels on Nob Hill, to sushi in Japantown, to sushi in North Beach, to the iconic walk across the Golden Gate Bridge, to garlic fries in the ball park, or freshly made chocolates in the Ferry Building, it’s a riot (make that a peace march) of sights, sounds and smells.

We recently visited the City by the Bay (Sorry, really hard to avoid cliches when it comes to that place) to take in a Dodger-Giant game at AT&T Park, flying into a small airport in Concord to the north, and then taking a convenient 45-minute BART train ride into Union Square. This time our destination was the underrated King George Hotel, a stylish, comfortable needle wedged between a construction project, cafe and hostel on Mason Street in Downtown San Francisco.

The King George completed a lengthy $4 million renovation project in 2016 that dramatically updated the historic 1914 building. Upgrades now include all-new multiple power outlets on nightstands and desks; brand new furniture; remodeled bathrooms; under bed luggage storage; as well as various window and lighting upgrades. Each room also features a bedside tablet in each room, should you suddenly feel the need to research the gross national product of New Zealand in the middle of the night. (It could happen.)

Arriving around noon, we spent a comfortable hour in the hotel’s lobby, enjoying complimentary fruit, as the hotel staff scurried to prepare our room, although alas, a shortage of staff made that impossible. We returned nevertheless later in the afternoon, after securing our seats for the Giants game. The staff was overwhelmingly apologetic and eager to make our stay comfortable.

Though cozy, the room was comfortable with a large bed, a view of Mason Street, and enough outlets and chargers to easily recharge both me and all of the too many devices I travel with. The hotel is also LBGT- friendly, and welcomes your dog or cat as well.

Downstairs, the hotel also features a roomy and comfortable lobby and bar (with a snappy 80s pop sound track) filled with mostly international travelers, it appeared. The hotel’s style, affordability and dynamic location just around the corner from Union Square Park (and the new Apple Store!) makes it an obvious destination for first-time visitors.

On this spectacular spring day, the overall mix of location, occasion, and ambience created an afternoon I wanted to grab by the handles and stop, so I could just jump in and drown in it. And then recuperate in room 810 at the King George.

The 411
The King George Hotel
334 Mason Street, San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 781-5050 Fax: (415) 391-6976








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