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Plan Your Romantic Getaway with Cruise Planners

Published: Wednesday, January 17, 2018 | 3:31 PM

Looking to plan a romantic trip this Valentine’s Day? Let the professionals at Cruise Planners do the work for you.

Cruise Planners not only plans cruises, but ground vacations as well. According to Cruise Planners travel agent Marjorie Schmitt, Valentine’s Day is very popular for vacations this time of year.

“It depends on where people want to go,” says Schmitt. That goes for the price as well.

Although she says places like Paris and parts of Europe are very popular this time of year, a lot of travelers are more inclined to travel to warmer climates.

“Weather might be a factor this year, someone waiting a romantic getaway can also pick the Caribbean.”

Despite all the bad weather that has happened in this past year, the Caribbean is still a popular pick among travelers.

One place that is popular for singles and couples says Schmitt is the Sandals Resort. Sandals is an all inclusive resort meaning you can pay one price and all your accommodations, drinks, food and activities are paid for at this resort.

Schmitt says a lot of proposals take place naturally this time of year and some places like Sandals can work with you if you decide to plan a destination proposal.

Schmitt says she has worked in the past with travelers and resorts to help plan the perfect proposal.

“Finding the right spot to propose, I can work with the property.”

Schmitt speaks about her own destination proposal getaway when her now husband took her away to Hawaii (another popular spot this time of year) and proposed to her.

“My memorable Valentine’s Day is when my husband proposed to me. This is after he had previously mentioned to me a few times before that it’s so cliche to propose on Valentine’s Day! All the time I thought he was going to pop the question while on a trip to Costa Rica. So imagine my surprise when he did! Instead of a “Destination Proposal”, we had a Destination Wedding in beautiful Kauai.”

So whether you are planning a destination prospal, destination wedding or just a perfect destination for a getaway, Cruise Planners can help you plan your perfect trip!

If you would like more information on planning your future trip, contact Marjorie Schmitt at Cruise Planners (626) 491-2657.







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