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If You Love Golf “Boy, Do We Have Some Great Vacations for You”

Published: Thursday, June 14, 2018 | 3:38 PM

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Does having a vacation filled with golf at prestigious venues and beautiful courses filled with uniquely placed sand traps and water hazards you will have to navigate with your golf ball sound great to you?

It does to us, too — so we turned to Marjorie Schmitt of Ms. Travel Planner to put together a couple vacation packages for you that will thrill any avid golf fans, and for those practitioners who value top notch venues for their links experience she can send you on a journey that will be a cherished memory for the rest of time.

Ms Travel Planner’s first package, entitled Azamara Journey, is a 13-night cruise of the United Kingdom. Departing from the British port of Southampton on July 11, you will get to visit some of Ireland and Scotland’s most beautiful cities.

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If you’re wondering where the golf aspect comes in, brace yourself. The trip also includes a seat and six rounds at the world’s oldest golf championship, the British Open. With the great prices offered by Ms Travel Planner, this is definitely a vacation you won’t want to miss.

Ms Travel Planner’s next package is a little further afield. Touring New Zealand and Sydney, Australia, the 16-night cruise will take you on board the Azamara Quest. Stopping at 12 ports overall, you will get to view the beauty of both countries and partake in a few rounds of golf before you hop back on board.

By booking one of these packages, or any of the other golf centered trips that Ms Travel Planner can set up, you’ll not only get to enjoy some memorable golf but please your partner by giving them all of the food, drink and shopping that they could ever dream of. So contact Ms Travel Planner today, and get the golf ball rolling.

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