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Get to Rollin on the River, and Have The Time of Your Life

Published: Friday, July 6, 2018 | 12:29 PM


What’s better than all inclusive? Especially when it is a trip on a river cruise through the heart of Europa that allows you to view, and experience, the best of times while rolling down those lazy European rivers.

Marjorie Schmitt, a.k.a Ms Travel Planner, tells us that river cruises are an ideal and affordable way to see several different countries all on one vacation. Most vacation cruise packages last between 8 and 15 days, giving you plenty of chances to spot some historical landmarks.

As well as enjoying all the food and drink you could possibly want while on board, embarking on a river cruise will see you stopping off at various cities and spending a few hours marveling at Europe’s wonderful architecture. It provides views, foods and drink, shopping and experiences not to be missed.

Ms. Travel Planner has plenty of itineraries to choose from. You can choose to travel down the gorgeous Rhine while viewing castles and medieval towns or opt for the more serene Danube which was home to plenty of history’s most famous artists.

Or perhaps you’ve always wanted to see what France has to offer. A river cruise booked by Marjorie will give you the best of both worlds: a chance to see Paris in all its glory as well as a cruise along the glorious French countryside.

Every boat provides spacious bedrooms and dining with gorgeous terraces giving you that much-needed fresh air. Choose to travel in the summer or even in the winter at Christmas time, soaking up the festive magic.

If you’ve never been on a river cruise before Marjorie has some tips for you:

Remember that as most river cruises are all inclusive, you won’t have to budget for anything as the price you pay will include all your food, drinks and excursions on shore.

Don’t expect to see a huge cruise ship when you arrive. River cruises are taken on much smaller boats due to the width and height restriction of European rivers. This won’t dampen your experience. Smaller ships still have just as much fun.

Also remember that you will be doing a lot of walking on land so pack your best sneakers and comfortable clothing so you don’t miss any of that history. River cruises also tend to be a lot more informal than traditional cruises so you won’t need to worry about dressing up every single night.

With all of that in mind, contact Ms Travel Planner today to book the affordable river cruise of your dreams. Tell her where you’ve always wished to visit and the places you’ve longed to see and she can conjure up the ideal itinerary for you.

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